Karelian Iron Age gown choker plates

Burial 6 in Kaukola Kekomäki had remains of a choker. It was made of strip of birch bark covered with linen fabric. Fabric had sewn on gilded silver plates with palmette decorations. Choker had also square silver charm hanging from center.

These plates that measure slightly larger than square centimeter have been made of 0,3mm sterling silver sheet. For die pressing I made a tool from 3 sheets of cut out bronze soldered to a sandwich. I did not have access to proper pressing tool, so Teppo Nousiainen did the pressing work. To press sterling silver sheet into bronze mold it is necessary to use something softer than silver as filler between silver and press. Small pieces of lead were used this time. It would have been possible to use rubber or polyurethane instead. It is possible to make lots of silver plates with tool I made, but mold will of course become rounder during the process.

Muinaiskarjalan puvun485a5026

I hope to be able to gild these like some of the originals were.