A new sheath for Iron Age knife and testing primitive winter boots

Knife sheath

I was in a hurry when I made sheath for my Iron Age knife. I had to make it in couple of hours. Of course it looked quite horrible. Now I finally had time to make more proper one. I tested a new technique where you decorate leather with flatted bronze wire. I found out that wire must be very flat and soft. Flattened 0,4mm wire would be good. 0,5mm wire will be too wide when flattened. Leather I used was nearly 70 years old and a bit too fragile for this project. A good leather would be very strong and ripping resistant.

Primitive winter boots

Finally it was cold enough for testing my newly made winter shoes. You can read about tanning process from earlier posts. It was -12°C and nice powdery snow covered older snow layers. I added extra layer of insulation inside the shoe. Inner soles were made of fur on tanned elk feet hide and wool fabric. Shocks were nalbindet shocks that I made last summer. Shoes were laced around my ankle with leather straps.

Shoes were very comfortable and warm. They do not provide much support for feet, but that is a situation with most primitive shoes. Walking is easy and fur soles grip very well to snow. Soles feel very soft like walking on thigh fur mat. In knee area reindeer fur was slightly shorter haired and knees felt some cold time to time. This can be fixed easily with small piece of fur inside. Size difference you can see in the images is only illusion made by the length of the hair.
I will add fur collar trim to boots. Other vice show could get in.