Hand craft fair in Tampere

There were already traditional hand craft fair in Tampere. This time I had long list of thing I needed to buy. Unfortunately I could not find seller for all things I needed.

Tampereen messut

I bought lamb skin kloves for cold walks to work. I also needed new wallet and got one made of Elk hide. I almost bought full rain deer hide, but I could resist it and I just got this smaller piece. Tanning mimics traditional tanning seen in Saami hand tanned sisna-leather. Swedish sellers had rock crystal bals that I had searched long time. I will make my own version of Birka pendants. I bought white textile paint and got lots of information in wennströms stand. For silver works I bought silver sheet, wire and solder and some tools too. One seller was selling antique trimmings and braids and I bought 5 m of blue braiding.

birka quarts ball