Building terrariums and paludariums

As allergic persons we could not have dog or cat as a pet, but in eyes of biologist all animals are interresting. Even frogs, lizards and insets. These animals live in terrariums where they have as good environment as humans can build. Temperature and humidity must be correct for the species and even uv-radiation mimiking sun is provided. I did build couple of terrariums and one paludarium. Here is pictures of how I did them. These pictures might be useful for those who are planning building terraiums.

Firs this terrarium inhabited Phelsuma madagascariensis but now Phelsuma standingi.


lasin reunat hiotaan

terraario teipataan kasaan.


terraarion ovi

saumat kuivumassa



Background is made of finfoam, cement and epiweb.


kalliotaustan juurakot

paludaario vesiputouksella

paludaario vesiputouksella