Vampire crabs

Ourpaludarium is home now for four vampire crabs (Geosesarma). These South East Asian grabs are well suitable for planted terrariums and paludariums. They are very light and small. Carapax is size of thumb nail and feet distance is maybe 4-5cm. They eat insects and dead small animals. With their 8 legs they climb easily up and down paludariums artificial rock background.

These animals came here by courier post from Germany. After four days journey all of them were alive. So far at least 2 of them have survived for sure, but there is so many small holes and spaces in our paludarium that there could live lots of these small grabs. Colour are not fully developed yet. Feet will get deep purple colour.

Females are clearly larger and more orangish than males. Back of male is bright yellow and males feet are more purple than females.
vampyyritaskurapu, vampire crab, geosesarma spimg_7934