Viburg road market and archery workshop 4.-5.8.2017

I had dreamed about primitive archery for years. I hope to build an arrow someday. I was ready to sign up for archery workshop right away, when I saw first ads of it. Rainy weather made organizers almost to cancel the lessons, but their new canopy saved the situation. We had a chance to test longbows and recurve bows. Our teachers (even literally) threw at us new and new challenges. Finally we had to aim to flying discs!

img_7324On Saturday I participated to Viburg road market. This time the theme was armies. There were all kinds of old fashioned troops from Viking age until World War II. Soldiers had flint lock pistols, swords and even real cannon that was shot several times. It was very loud!

Soldier had their wives with them. So I had great change to investigate female costumes from different time periods.