Happy holidays!

”On Birds wings” exhibition in Gallery Karaija 27.8.-18.9.

I got an inspiration for this White wagtail painting during our last bird painter’s weekend in Hanko. There were flat sandy beach that was covered with few millimeters of seawater. Storm had thrown pieces of algae to the shore and light was gleaming trough them. Sun was behind foggy clouds. Water got its colors from clouds and only color were the algae and their reflections. I decided already then that this scene has to be painted. I choose young wagtail to be bird of the painting.

”On Birds wings” exhibition opens 27.8. in Gallery Karaija.

Visiting Ron Mueck exhibition in Sara Hilden art museum.

I visited this very interresting art exhibition in Tampere Sara Hilden art museum. Ron Mueck makes hyperrealistic human figures. Some are small and some huge.

Exhibition is open between 2.6.–16.10.2016.

On Bird Wings exhibition in Gallery Karaija

Pictures from “Bird nests and concrete” art day

Our local artists assosiation had traditional art day in July. This years theme was bird nest making and concrete and plaster casting.

Marjaana Tykkyläinen teaches how to make concrete castings

Clay mold just before plaster casting.

Bird nest making