When artist pays – art scams

There are lots of people who make their living cheating artist. Here are some examples of their scams.

Many artist have received following letter or similar. This scam works this way: When buyer sends the pay checks it will be for bigger sum of money that was agreed for price. Then artist will send the work and contact buyer for correcting the sum. Artist will send extra money bag to buyer. Everything looks fine until bank finds out that first check was uncovered. Fake buyer gets the money and the art piece is delivered somewhere and might be brought bag to artist with his expense.

Here is the letter with all its spelling mistakes:

Good day to you.

I am so excited that I came across of your work on internet search,I am interested in purchasing these creative artworks from you…….XXXXXX

Let me know their various prices.and how much discounts are you going to give?I will be happy to have these selected artworks hung in our new home in South Africa.As well,I want you to take out the shipping cost.I have been in touch with a shipping firm that will be shipping other house decoratives.

We are traveling from our Seattle home to our new apartment as soon as possible.On Paying for the artworks,I will be glad to pay you with a Money Order or Cashier`s check in US funds that can be easily cashed at your local bank,please let me know on how to proceed for the payment of the creative artworks.

I will await your advise on how to proceed.Have a wonderful day.

Other common scams are vanity galleries and magazines. Artist gets invitation letter and is of course pleased that gallery is willing to show his work. Gallery asks huge sum for this exposition. Inexperienced artist might pay this when expecting good sales. Unfortunately gallery already has the money and they are not interested to work anymore for selling the art.

Magazine scam is similar. They will promise you story in their art/artist magazine if you pay. This magazine they will then send bag to you and other paying artist. This kind of exposure won’t help you as an artist so money is wasted.