Searching for inspiration

I visited Helsinki Korkeasaari zoo and Ähtäri zoo searching inspiration for further animal paintings. There vas lots of species that I will never see wild. You can never have perfect impression of species after photographs or videos. When you see animal, you get better idea how it moves, what kind of poses are natural for it or how it behaves. Both of these zoos have many Finnish animal species but also more exotic ones.

Visiting Ähtäri zoo vas great experience. I went in as last visitor. Animals had counted that all humans have left. Wolverines were digging up their meat hides when they thought that possible thieves (humans) were gone. Bears were mating and wolf cubs were chasing bumble bees. When they saw me they looked very funny. They had “don’t you know what time is it” look at their face.

Every summer one inspiration source is visit to Retretti art centre. This summers best exhibition was “ Married to an artist”. This was about artist couples. The exhibition comprises works by masters as Werner Holmberg, Victor Westerholm, Juho Rissanen, Elin Danielson-Gambogi and Alvar Cawén, as well as works by their spouses, Anna Glad, Hilma Alander, Hilda Flodin, Raffaello Gambogi and Ragni Cawén. Married to an Artist shows a new perspective to Finland`s Golden Age and Early Modernism art scenes.

There was also exhibition of Tove Janssons paintings and Moomin cartoon originals. It was exiting to be able to study these close. Carl Barks Donald Duck originals were so familiar from my child hood cartoon book readings that I just walked that part trough. In outdoor display there was very nice life size animal sculptures made of chicken wire!