Lots of Japanese art books for inspiration source

Our mailman knocked to our door and asked (like Santa Claus here) “Is there kind children here?” On his shoulder he had huge Royal mail sack. There were books that I ordered from Amazon.uk. Orders arrived within a week.

Best of these books is clearly Japonisme by Siegfried Wichmann. It shows with more than thousand pictures and descriptive texts how Old World artists did take inspiration and were influenced by Japanese art during early years of 1900. In this book there is side by side original Japanese art pieces and then western art where effect of Japonisme clearly shows. There is lots of paintings, ceramics, jewelry and even architecture included.

Japanese prints (Gabriele Fahr-Becker) was a slight disappointment, because I thought after the cover scenery that there would be lots of scenery prints in this book. In reality most of prints were from humans.

Japanese art and design (Victoria and Albert museum) is great source for different kinds of Japanese arts and crafts. This will bring lots of inspiration for sure!

The laws of Japanese painting (Henry P Bowie) is over hundred years old book, but the laws of traditional Sumi-painting have not chanced during that time. This book gives quite good idea how ruled original Japanese ink painting style is. There are even different kinds of brush strokes for young and old people!

Japanese ink painting (Naomi Okamoto) is clearly a book for beginner. It also tells about there rules that previous books was about. One hundred years has clearly brought some freedom for artists.

Le Japon artistique is a pattern sourcebook of Art Nouveau floral prints from Japan.

Kimono (Lisa Dalby) is good book for those who are interested in of history of Japanese kimono and the sacred messages you can give to those who understands the language of Japanese kitsuke (dressing kimono). I would recommend this book before going to Japan and wearing kimono there.