Maximizing creativity and tricking brain to flow phase

Our brain process and edit information that comes from our eyes and usually we don’t realize this thing. This phenomenon causes problems to artists all the time, because our brain tries to make us paint or draw things how we know them to be instead of how we see them. Especially small children can’t escape this. For example girl figures would have eye lashed and long hair even if the model would not have these.

Brain has to be forced to stop knowing and focus to seeing. There are many tricks how to do it. Easiest way is to draw or paint upside down or one small part at the time, so it is difficult see what you are making. Some artists keep their knowing brain part busy by listening radio. Hearing human voices also help not to feel too alone.

I have found out that for me listening familiar movies works the best. If the movie is new to me or I haven’t seen it long time, the trick won’t work. New movies draw too much attention also from more creative brain half and this causes interruptions. It feels like movie would last forever and painting work moves on very slowly. If the movie is familiar affect is totally different. I often loose sense of time totally and feel relaxed even after hours of work. After painting work day it can feel like coming home from couple of days holiday! Of course painting work had to go smoothly without any problems.

For this purpose I choose movies that have good audio track. There has to be good actors that talk enough and great music. Best composers have been Alexandre Desplat, Howard Shore and John Williams.