Clay products for making flowers and plants

Luna Clay artificial clay that main ingredient is specific paper pulp. It is air-drying clay so no firing is needed. In dry weather drying takes only ten minutes. Luna Clay takes colour of oil paints very well and could be pressed into very thin layers. When dry it is still soft and flexible. You can paint details easily to make plants more realistic. After it’s shaped and dried, it’s still soft and flexible and could be painted additional colours to make the flowers look realistic.
Other new product I will test is Sukerukun clay. It is air-drying, transparent resin clay that dries also without heating. Package colour is white, but this clay comes transparent during drying. Drying time is1-3 days. This clay stays flexible when it dries. This clay can be dyed easily with acrylics or oil paints.

My plan is to make realistic clay plants. It will be interesting to see results!