Pictures from “Bird nests and concrete” art day

Our local artists assosiation had traditional art day in July. This years theme was bird nest making and concrete and plaster casting.

Marjaana Tykkyläinen teaches how to make concrete castings

Clay mold just before plaster casting.

Bird nest making

Wooly mammoth skull

This was my winter holiday project that I made for Tampere Vapriikki museum exhibition Ice Age Giants. The plan was to make natural size wooly mammoth skull with tusks. Some of the skeletons that have been deep in acidic bogs have this kind of nice deep brown color.

Inner structure is made of steel tubing. It was tricky to invent very light, but strong structure that could hold force caused by long tusks.
All bones are made of insulation foam, polyurethane foam and plastic padding. Surfaces have 2 layers of epoxy resin colored with pigment powders. I used 1,5l resin and 6 pieces of insulation foam sheets. Rough shapes were cut with Japanese saw. Other shaping was done with different sanders and hot wire cutter.
This project produced huge amounts of static plastic dust, that could be found everywhere next weeks.

Skulls weight is altogether 15kg.

Happy holidays and good birding year 2016


This wooden box has mini diorama from Siikalahti Bird Lake. Lid has 1cm deep cavity where I made water scene from resin. Small tadpoles were painted layer by layer between casted resin. Plants are made of Sukerukun, which comes from Japan. It can be dyed with acrylics before shaping.

”Snapshots” exhibition 1.7.–17.7.2015

Our local artists club has an exhibition in Parikkala. Several members have brought their artworks to display.