There is small colony of Nutcrackers in Punkaharju Lusto. Parikkala is not far and sometimes birds from there come here. Nutcrackers also rarely brees here in Parikkala and we also get Siberian migrants some years. Our population is thinner billed Siberian type birds. This august there was several Nutcrackers in Parikkala. Cleaning pines from cones.

Janne got this great video near main railwaystation that has been most common site for the species.

I started planning painting of Nutcrackers. Here are first small composition plans I made as a first step.

I got this gone from neighbours garden were is nice pine that Nutcrackers also like.


Painting is now nearly finished. I will add some more areas with light and some details to needles and cone.

Finished painting:
nutcracker, Nucifraga caryocatactes, pähkinähakki