Whinchats and thistles

Whinchats and thistles occur often together. Thistles grow along field ditches where they provide good places for Whinchats. These plants are a bit higher than others so Whinchats can see crawling insects better.

Low back light is one of my favourite lights. It makes colours of pants glowing and golden rim around everything. I decide to combine Whinchats and these great thistles in this painting. First paint layers are airbrushed and then I continued with scratching and with thin acrylic layers. Painted thistles are bit more lilac in painting but getting same colour to picture is difficult.

Hanna Aalto, pensastasku, whinchats, kynäruiskumaalaus, airbrushing

When painting is almost finished I put it aside for some time. When I look it again I can see easier if there are areas needing more work or mistakes to fix.