Glow in the dark paints

I will paint a mural where I need glow in the dark paints. I ordered these Glow nation pains for testing. Paints were on light for half an hour and then I took them inside windowless dark room. Each picture was taken after half an hour from last one. Orange and white had clearly shortest glow time and green and aqua had longest. Last picture was taken 2 hours after the first picture.

glow in the dark, fluorescent paints, glo nation, fluoresoivat maalit

I needed lots of red glow in the dark paint. I ordered these powders from Kosmic kreations. It would be non sense to send acrylic medium and water in mail, when I can easily mix these powders to acrylic medium I already have. Reds have pale red color in daylight and orange is slightly yellow. Other powders are almost colorless.

Producer warned that Zink red has bad odor. I was surprised when I realized that it smells the same as hair dye. Not as bad as I thought.

Here the same paint powder bags are under uv-light (black light). Orange and super red shows their color nicely, but as you see zink red does not react same way.

kosmic creations, glow in the dark, luminescens