New butterfly species from Siikalahti Bird lake

Climate chance shows well here in Finland and especially it is clear when you look at distributions of butterflies. During last decade we have got lots of new butterfly species. I used to collect butterflies when I was child and from that time there have been big chances. Many of the species that used to be extremely rare are now common and there is also new species that we would not have even dreamed to see during 1990.

In this painting there is collection of butterfly species that are new for Siikalahti Bird lake. Species are Purple Emperor, Lesser Purple Emperor, Map Butterfly, Scarce Tortoiseshell, Large Copper and Short-tailed Blue.

When ready, this painting will be framed inside a “butterfly box”.

Here are step by step images of the painting proces. Last image is almost finished painting.

I was not happy with Large Copper so I erased it away and repainted it completely.

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