Sukerukun air dry porcelain testing

I tested Sukerukun and Luna clay for a first time. The biggest difference is that Sukerukun dries transparent and gum like and Luna clay is more like paper mache. After drying both feel strong and flexible enough to last for years. Both clays have smell of white glue. It is easy to dye them with small drops of acrylic paint mixed in. They shrink during drying process.

First testing’s were not very successful. I did not realize how thin layers I should make and I also learned that it is better to make parts separately and glue them together after drying. First test was calypso flower made of Luna clay. Next proper calypso should be made of Sukerukun that I think will produce more realistic look.

Next I started to work with water soldier plant for Siikalahti exhibition. This plant leaves are like a saw when you look close. First leaf attempts were far too thigh and not at all realistic. Finally I found technique that worked: I rolled clay to very thin layer between foils. Then some acrylic paint shades on the top, couple of minutes wait and cutting with self made cutting tool. Every leaf was pressed against veiner tool and shaped to different forms.

I was not happy with the first plants so I dissembled them and made more better leafs for next version. It is possible to re shape leaves a bit with heating them. Next steps are final shaping, painting and making saw edge to all leaves.