Choosing perfect bird painting to your home

It is not always easy to choose painting or other art works. In this short article I give hints for successful art buying. You can buy bird painting because you need art to decorate your room or because you are birder and who would like to see birding art on you walls. Many times birder buys painting because of the species and spouse chooses it for artistic values. Best bird paintings bring to your mind memories of great birding experiences or other unforgettable moments in nature.

Hanna Aalto suopöllö Patvinsuo

This painting would look great with light matting and muted gold frame

Measure the space you intent to hang the new painting. You can test affect of different sized and shaped paintings just by cutting pieces of colorful newspaper sheets and placing them to your wall. Test also 2-3 smaller paintings instead of one large. Save optimal measurements to your cell phone. And of course you don’t need to follow these measurements accurately. You might also ask if you can take painting to home for testing.

You have to consider too if you want painting to be main interest point in the room or should it be harmonious part of you interior. When selecting a painting to match colour, select one of the boldest colours in your room and look for art that includes that colour. Picking up one or two of the same colours will send a message that the painting belongs in these surroundings.

In exhibitions paintings are often framed similar simple frames. If this kind of simple framing does not fit your home style, you can chance frame easily. Ask help and ideas from artist and experienced framer. It’s a good idea to match frames and mattes, especially for similar paintings on same wall.

Framing is not always needed. Here is Tom Björklunds fabulous paintings without fames

If you can’t find painting that fits to your home you can contact artist and ask for commission painting for this place. Remember that most paintings are willing to paint subject you want but chancing their style to another is usually “Oh no”.

Other option is that everyone buys the art they love and then find a place to put it. If you feel strongly about a particular work of art, this is what you should do. But you may find that when you get the art home and place it on a wall art looks out of place in the room. First, hang the painting in other locations in your home. It may look better in a place you hadn’t thoughts first.

If you can’t find a place where the art looks its best, you may need to make some changes in the room, such as moving furniture or changing wall to neutral colour.
Many paintings need lightning to exhibit its brilliance. If you place a work of art in direct sunlight, however, it may well fade.