Artist´s winter

Now it is again the time when sckething outside comes impossible and artists stay in their ateljees. If you would try to paint outside your fingers would not work after some minutes and acrylic paint tubes would freese. Frozen acrylics would be spoilled and brush tip would freeze before it hits the canvas…

We had wery nice sunny day today. Expect that temperature was -29 centigrade and sun just barely climbs over the horizon. I just checked and now in the evening it is -33 (-27,4 F)! This kind of weather reminds that I live northern than the southern tip of Greenland, even if summers can be very hot. Here is screen shots from temperature forecast maps from this year. We have 70 degrees difference between summer and winter. This is chalenging for artist.

So I have to paint winter scenes indoors. I have been collecting items that I might need as a reference. I have big plastic box full of branches of different tree species, bark, gras and dead plants, cones, lichen and stones. If the reference I need is too big to carry home I have to take picture of it with me. Yesterday I picked larix branches for middle spotted woodpecker painting that I am planning now.

Low sun gives very nice orange shade to these birches. I love to paint this colour.

These phalaeopsis orchis flover even if there is very litle light. Almost all of my orchids have buds so after a moth these plants will look wonderfull.
I wish you merry Cristmass with this flover picture.