Silver wire sykerö (tiara)

Graves (+ one silver hoard) in Karelia are the only place where this kind of silver wire tiaras have been found. This piece of jewellery is unique to Karelia. It is done by method called “Viking knit”. If you plan to make one, use a bit narrower and more curved filling inside your work. Lines will help you to weave straight braids.


Theodor Scwindt describes in his excavation report that this tiara was at least partly covered with veil fabric. Sometimes you see people wearing this on the top of their head, but it can’t be right if veil was over tiara. Materials are so expensive (silver or bronze) that it is unlikely that this tiara was hidden under veil. Maybe women in Karelia made these after stories their husbands told after visiting Novgorod. Fine ladies there could have had Slavic style tiaras. I think this wire tiara should be over your forehead just under the edge of veil.