Evening gown in 1917 style

I had dreamed to get 1910 style evening gown. Finally there become a good opportunity to wear one. Finland had its 100 years from independence declaration anniversary celebrations. My role in our school play was to be Aino Sibelius preparing to 1917 festive. I designed this gown and I took inspiration from mid-1910 century fashion. Finland was far from European trend metropoles so I figured that style worn in 1915 would be accurate enough.
My “court” seamstress Merja Helminen sew this blue green dress after my drawings. I will use it as evening gown in future. Fabric is silk and wool mix and made for Japanese kimono. Cutting the dress was very tricky since kimono fabrics are usually under 40cm wide. Available fabric was just enough for this dress. This dress has large pleat in another front seam. With this pleat it is possible to easily change waist measurement. Lining of this dress is heavy silk.
Over dress is made by me and its material is silk chiffon. Over dress trains a bit and all edges are trimmed with beading. Belt is made of cotton velvet and decorated with silver brooch that I made years ago.

Suitable shoes came from England. Brand Hotter makes vintage style, but modern shoes. Headpiece was made of black velvet and ostrich feathers.
This kind of gown need right underpinnings. I made for this gown long Edwardian/Victorian hybrid corset. Materials were sturdy hand dyed kimono silk and corset coutill. Most bones are flat steel, but some are very bendy rigilene plastic boning. I did not have steel spiral bones.
1917 juhlapuku1917 juhlapuku 2