Iron Age market in Pukkisaari Helsinki 2.9.2017

Minä ja MerviAt last moment I decided to go to Helsinki and visit Pukkisaari Iron Age market. I had a change to do some shopping in our capital and on Saturday go to Pukkisaari isle. Local Iron Age interest group has built several log buildings to this small island. Buildings surround a yard and large fireplace where food is made for participants. Sellers come from Finland and neighboring countries. It was interesting to compare different costumes and styles between countries.

I bought wool yarn, glass beads and Baltic brooches. Helsinki was still full of tourists and visitors from Europe and Japan were numerous in the market. It was funny to observe their reactions. Next time I might stay for a night in the camp. Then I will have more time to talk with other Iron Age minded
Pukkisaari Iron Age market